Kettlebell Training

Published: 12th July 2011
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Athletes today need more out of their bodies than ever before, and the one of the new
ways their accomplishing this task is through training with kettlebells. No matter what
mainstream sport you are in, whether it is a contact sport like football, hockey, rugby
or wrestling, an explosive leaping sport like basketball or volleyball, or even an agility
based sport like soccer, tennis, or baseball, I guarantee that kettlebells can improve your

Kettlebells Are Superior to Traditional Weights

What we are just beginning to realize about the traditional methods of weight lifting is
that they are very effective if you want to look like a body builder. If you want to quickly
put on muscle mass that will make you strong, and build "one push power" (i.e. "I can
bench press 400 pounds") then the usual grinding sets of curls and presses will probably
work quite well for you. The problem for athletes that want to train like this is that all
that muscles mass is bulky and sacrifices your agility and speed in exchange for power.
Not only that, but it takes a major toll on your endurance because all that muscle requires
a ton of oxygen to keep moving. Kettlebells offer the solution to building a maximum
amount of strength without sacrificing cardiovascular fitness, speed, or agility. The most
extraordinary aspect of kettlebells are that not only to they not hurt these areas, they
actually improve them at the same time that you are building strength!

Kettlebells Build Cardiovascular Fitness

Since a majority of kettlebell exercises are done with an athleteís arms over their head,
it provides an extra workout for the muscles that assist during our most strenuous
cardiovascular periods. The muscles that line your core and abdomen will quickly get
stronger and will help stabilize your lungs and the rest of your body when you become
fatigued from sustained maximum effort. This will not only help you push harder, but
will also aid your recovery process greatly.

Cut Your Workout Time In Half With Kettlebells!

One of the great perks to training with kettlebells is that your actual workout time
decreases substantially. Gone are the days where athletes had to hit sets of weights for
an hour, followed by an hour of interval training for cardio purposes, and finally a couple
hours of sport-specific training. Kettlebells do this all at once. Of course it isnít easy
(nothing that is usually means much), but it is effective and much less time consuming.
Kettlebell workouts place a premium on continued motion and effort. The combination
of aerobic exercise and strength building builds lean muscle and is also idea for burning
calories. A twenty minute kettlebell session is often compared to running at 85% of your
maximum for 4 miles. Quite frankly, not other type of strength training is anywhere

If youíre wondering how much strength can actually be built using these unique little pieces of equipment consider that guys who fight for a living like Brock Lesnar and
George St. Pierre have begun using kettlebells. These require power to punch, kick, and
then wrestle with some of the strongest men in the world. Not only this, but they need
to develop that power with the intent of going full out for 25 minutes. These guys are all
using kettlebells now, so isnít it time you got onboard?

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